We have a fantastic staff here at Outlook Management Group. That’s why, throughout 2024, we’re featuring a different staffer every month, so you can . . .


This month:


Cheryl’s role with Outlook Management Group is Property Manager. But outside work, Cheryl is family to a lot of people – including her daughter and a “truckload” of cousins.

Besides your human family, is there a furry friend you’d like to mention?

There sure is. It’s “General” – who’s my cat and my boss. Cat lovers know all about that.

If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?

I’d be a cat. Cats are independent, agile problem-solvers, and they know how to balance work (hunting) with relaxation (napping).

What’s your favorite quality about yourself?

My favorite quality about myself is probably my adaptability.

What’s the best place you’ve ever travelled to? What do you love about it?

It’s hard to choose between Jamaica and Puerto Vallerta, Mexico – they’re both beautiful.

Do you have a role model or hero/heroine? Who is it, and why?

If I had to pick one hero, it would be my grandfather, Chauncey Hall. He has a zest for life that I try to incorporate into my life.

Do you have any general life advice you’d share with a teenager or other young person?

Don’t fear failure; see it as a natural part of the learning process. Mistakes mean you’re learning.